Of / Greg Davis: Split Seven Inch
Ache Records

The fifth installment in Ache's 7-inch ‘Div/orce' series pairs an endearingly placid outing by Greg Davis with a darker soundscape by Of (Loren Chasse). Sounding as if it was recorded in a nearby forest, “Fennel & Tangerine” is one of Davis 's prettier pieces, a bucolic vignette that's over far too quickly. Despite its brevity, the piece still manages to weave billowing harp strums, delicate acoustic picking, and field elements (outdoor sounds, splashing water) into an invitingly serene setting. “Ferns Will Crumble” is considerably murkier and unsettling by comparison; if Davis's relaxes, Of's disturbs with its churning clouds of noise, meditative drone ambiance, and Eastern-styled string plucks. Despite such dramatic differences, the pieces still seem complementary, much like identical twins whose personalities subtly refract into lighter and darker dispositions.

January 2007