Gultskra Artikler: Pofigistka

Created live without overdubs, Gultskra Artikler's (Russians Alexey Devyanin and Dmitry Garin) cinematic sound sculptures call to mind Deaf Center's similarly haunted Pale Ravine. What renders the release more special is that the duo follows its four songs with remixes of that same material by Marcus Fjellstöm, Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuyderveldt), Xela (John Twells), and Svarte Greiner (Erik K. Skodvin of Deaf Center) during the disc's second half. Despite identifiable connections between the two groups, the remix versions liberally deviate from the originals.

The originals first. Opener “Fizik Dyadya Kolya” sculpts pizzicato string cascades and piercing electric guitar motifs into a dramatic meditation of bewitching melancholia. A similarly sombre mood emerges during “Siluet Kotlet” when its delicately plucked guitars intersect with string electronics, while electric guitars drift through psychedelic fields of organ and clanging strikes in “Institut Matematiki.” Creaking and crackling sounds imbue Gultskra Artikler's material with a decayed aura, making its music approximate new film run through an old film projector.

In the second half, Fjellstöm transforms “Fizik Dyadya Kolya” into an even more atmospheric entity while Machinefabriek's “Siluet Kotlet” slowly builds into a crushing mass. Adopting a more melodic approach, Xela situates “Institut Matematiki” within a country pub before warming the proceedings with soft acoustic strums before Svarte Greiner transports “Otpusk Navsegda” to a ponderous percussive zone. Evocative nightscaping all around, regardless of the half focused upon.

May 2006