HP. Stonji: Metic

With this massive 12”, HP. Stonji (Hans Platzgumer and E. Stonji) matches the incredible Spezialmaterial standard previously set by Traject's Strengir Hrynja and Intricate's In Pectra. The opener “Metic,” an hallucinatory electro-funk burner with deep synth banks and whirring melodies the group elastically stretch like so much silly putty, is state-of-the-art and so strong it seems a manifesto. While the remaining tracks never quite match its incredible level, they impress nonetheless. Amidst whomping bass lines and busy breaks, writhing figures groan in “Httr” like some chained beast desperate to break free. Whether unfurling jubilant synth clusters over pulsating drum patterns (“Errorbeauty”) or squeezing melancholy themes through dizzying clanks and whirrs (“Meo”), Metic showcases HP Stonji's awesome command of the electro-synth genre.

September 2004