Hugo: Born to Bop
Claque Musique

Claque Musique spiritedly returns with another gem, this one from Italian rising star Hugo who previously attracted attention for funkily fresh releases on Tongut, Floppy Funk, and Tuning Spork. Following a siren-like fanfare, the A-side's “Born to Bop” settles into a slinky swing that's propelled by a delicious bass line, pounding kick drum, and congas. The club anthem boldly rides its bold and brassy vibe over dropouts and writhing wails before passing the baton to Jay Haze for a wild “NYC Dub” remix that plunges even more deliriously into a disorienting black hole where anguished zombies moan and sirens howl dissonantly. Two tripped-out tunes tailor-made for the night crawlers.

March 2008