Ibex: Meltdown EP

Having appeared previously on 3rd Ear, Rushhour, and Carl Craig's Planet E, Tony Ollivierra aka Ibex now brings his Detroit House sound to Yore for the label's twenty-sixth release. Like Yore releases in general, Meltdown is quality music from start to finish, and Ollivierra invests the EP's four tracks with a painter's eye for detail and acoustician's ear for rhythm. Opener “18681” strolls in with a pumping, Latinized beat and a grooving bass line before dizzying synth swirls and staccato piano figures twist the tune into jazzier shape. Crowd noise gives the title cut a party vibe that nicely complements the track's funky urgency; claps, siren-esque strings, and a broiling bass pulse bring a raw and earthy feel to the mix, while Rhodes chords add a smattering of warmth. The flip's “My Mojo” plunges deeper, as thick smears of chords and analog synth melodies drape themselves over a gliding, hip-swinging pulse, after which “Mystery Babylon” unfurls in Rick Wade mode with an in-the-pocket, bass-powered jam caressed by silken strings and prodded by insistent syncopations—a gloriously soulful finish to another stellar Yore outing.

October 2010