Jacksonville: Trix EP

Underground house label Doppler Records gets its mojo working with its debut release, a three-tracker by Jacksonville (aka Mecanique) that demonstrates the Advance & Sensei co-founder and Leeds, UK-based producer's versatility. The A-side's jacking techno-funkster “Trix” stomps into position with a pounding kick drum before accumulating layers of synth accents and drawling voiceovers (“Music, music, jack, …”) push the track deeper. The groove swings just as deeply during “Volante” though it's given a disco-fied twist, escorted by a lithe, bass-heavy pulse, and given a Rhodes-cloaked sheen. The EP's choice cut may well be the one arriving last, “Station One,” an infectious and tripped-out funk-house jewel that slinks, swings, and shuffles with carefree abandon. Certainly not a bad way to initiate a new label.

July 2009