Jacksonville: Valparaiso
Doppler Records

Following the mid-2009 release of the well-received Trix EP, Jacksonville (aka Mecanique ) returns with more splendid material on the two-tracker Valparaiso. The Advance & Sensei co-founder and Leeds, UK-based producer takes no time at all in getting things moving in the title cut , a deep house monster that digs into its luscious swing instantly, then ornaments it with chiming synth flourishes as it builds in intensity and density. Four minutes in, the rhythms cut loose and the tune glides on its way in breezy style. Serene and soulful, “Valparaiso” gallops to the finish line, setting the stage for “Quiet Room,” which contrasts markedly from the opener in slowing the tempo down, beefing up the low end, and upping the sexier ante. Fragmented interjections by a female vocalist bring a soulful presence to the track, while the drums' crisp attack shifts the focus to the bottom end. If it's less of a hell-raiser than the title cut, it's nevertheless delicious in its own way too.

January 2010