Jacksonville: Views from Trains EP
Doppler Records

In which Leeds, UK-based producer Jacksonville follows up his earlier 2012 release Sometime Shortwave with another two-track release on Doppler Records, this one called Views from Trains EP. As seems to always be the case where Jacksonville is concerned, no background info accompanies the music, but the material's deep house vibe proves to be more than satisfying all by its lonesome.

Weighing in at eight and nine minutes, the two cuts stretch out liberally and give listeners ample opportunity for immersion. The A-side's tripped-out title tracks locks into its metronomic house groove from the get-go, its appropriately locomotive pulse a more-than-solid base for the chunky synths, swirling washes, and euphoric vocal flourishes that gradually emerge. If the track's intended to offer a view from a train, it's a panoramic and multi-colour one, judging by the soulful exuberance with which it makes its case. The flip's “Love Lost Underground” is a comparatively more chilled affair that oozes deep house splendour in its bass thump and synth fire. A female singer's echo-drenched vocal drapes itself emotively across the chugging groove to help keep things interesting and lend the tune an almost dub-like production vibe. Make no mistake, however: though other styles might seep in, it's deep house all the way and a thoroughly hard-grooving version of it at that.

October 2012