Jack's Son: Everyone Has a Kid Inside

Jack's son's (Mexican producer Diego Martinez aka Lumenlab) debut album Everyone Has a Kid Inside twists glitchy hip-hop into 15 dizzying stutter-funk configurations. Throughout the 50-minute disc, Martinez mixes it up with laptop-generated forays into soul-jazz, hazy dub-funk (“With Softness,” “Shake Well”), and an occasional collage interlude ( “Llamada 6 AM”) . “Dime Boo V.2” and “Going Back to School” are glitchy hip-hop heavy on the chopped voices while the raucous breaks fest “Ya mmm hada” could pass for Kid606. Martinez includes a few well-chosen guest spots along the way: Mexican MC Boca Floja drops a hailstorm of multi-voiced rhymes into the stuttering flow of “Pluma en Mano,” Colombian singer Lucrecia adds a soft trip-hop vocal to “True Trouble,” and techno producer Fax chills the mood with the smooth dub-techno remix “Fax vs Jack's Son.” There are moments when Martinez manipulates the material so extensively it verges on disorienting, suggesting that a tad more restraint might be in order, but Everyone Has a Kid Inside is otherwise a solid and wide-ranging sampling of laptop-generated experimental hip-hop.

November 2006