Jacob London: Splat!

Following EP releases on Classic, Doubledown, and Movim, Jacob London (Seattle-based Bob Hansen and Dave Pezzner) appears on Titbit with a pair of minimal tech-house cocktails plus an accompanying remix by Carola Pisaturo. Party chatter introduces “I Love Pressure Washing” and the message is loud and clear: this is one massive dance anthem, a funkily percolating monster dirtied up with soulful vocal shout-outs and swirling micro-edits. “I Love Pressure Washing” inhabits all of side A and the tune's throbbing stomp and huge sub-bass squeeze the most out of every swinging second. Flip the disc over and “When I Blew Up” kicks into gear with a jacking strut that's equally cheeky and bouncy. A deep bass hunkers into place, the mix turns acidy, and sonar pings and asteroid blips fight for position. In the remix hands of Titbit's own Carola Pisaturo, “When I Blew Up” turns chunkier and funkier without losing the original's pinging essence. All told, the B side's fine but it's the A-side stunner that hits hardest.

January 2007