Brian James: Rubber Doll EP
Aesthetik Records

Lovers of old-school techno will want to check out Brian James' second Aesthetik EP, with James the tour guide for a twenty-four minute aural tour of the Motor and Windy Cities. When the ringing ride cymbals kick in three minutes into “Rubber Doll,” you know you're in classic techno territory, and James sweetens the deal with thudding kick drums, handclaps, and a slightly bleepy feel. Xpansul later transforms the cut into a springy, peak-time raver “Rubber Doll” and intensifies the delirium quotient by strafing the groove with synth fire. “Panic In Detroit” (not the old Bowie tune) wends a rather more throbbing route as it dips its pitter-pattering toes into an acid puddle and spins woozy keyboard melodies into the air while “Bubbling Custard” burns up the Detroit pavement during its smooth tour of the downtown core.

August 2008