J. Auer: Assorted Elements (2004-2005)
Boltfish Recordings

Given that Joseph Auer was born in Chicago, educated in York, England and Newport, Wales, and now works in Tokyo, Japan (officially as an IT Software Engineer in Yokohama), one wonders to what degree his music will convey a similarly 'global' quality. As it turns out, of the EP's four tracks, only the panoramic opener “Roppongi Hills” evidences a noticeable exotic flavour, with syncopated percussion patterns snaking through the song's blustery, horn-like synth stabs and flailing, bouncy breaks. While the glistening interlude “Icefall” luxuriates in momentary calm, “Disconnect” and “Points” take aggressive turns into deep house territory: in the former, sparkling synth swizzles billow over a pounding pulse while the latter, powered by a robust electro-funk bass line and spiced by surging washes and smatterings of chopped voices, literally charges. Much like other Boltfish EPs, this sparkling set of atmospheric tech-house seems to end too quickly.

April 2005