Josh T: Whateverrr

In which Louche co-founder and main resident Josh T (Josh Tweek) rolls out his own “Whateverrr” original and then hauls in Paul Loraine and eRi2 (Diogo Tenreiro) for remix duty. More laid-back mood piece than full-fledged composition, Tweek's mid-tempo (down-tempo even) stomper dishes out a snappy, bass-powered funk-house groove sprinkled with cymbal splashes, synthetic strings, and background chattering that's so garbled it's frankly indecipherable. Loraine's slinky overhaul betters the original by deepening the bass pulse and tightening up the tune's already taut rhythms. In this case the speaker's rant comes through a little more clearly though one must still struggle to make it out. Regardless, the stepping groove that marches in halfway through gives the track an injection of energy and helps atone for the relative absence of melodic interest. Portugal-based Tenreiro might still be studying at Pointblank College in London, but the Lisbon-based DJ and producer is clearly a quick study as his fleet-footed makeover (spiked by a smooth peak-time segue in the middle) makes clear. All things considered, Loraine and Tenreiro do pretty well, considering the lean material Tweek gives them to work with. Though one shouldn't necessarily read too much into titles, the choice of "Whateverrr" in this case proves telling, as there's a kind of offhand character to the material that renders it less striking when compared to previous releases from the Veryverywrongindeed stable.

March 2011