Kampion: Invisible

Deftly proving that instrumental hip-hop recognizes no borders, Mexico-based Guillermo Guevára (Static Discos associate and one-half of Duopandamix alongside Gabriel Acavedo) drops four solid tracks of heavily chopped glitch-funk on Invisible. Though distant echoes of Prefuse and Dabrye (the squelch-laden “Routes” with its funky lurch) occasionally arise, Guevára personalizes his material by working Latin percussion into the mix (e.g., timbales in “Pirata”). “Primaveral” especially impresses with the clipped funk of its slippery beats, slithering bass line, and groaning voice edits. Guevára's Invisible oozes a blissed-out, downtempo vibe that's more than a match for material of similar genre vintage resounding north of the Mexican border.

December 2005