Karoshi Bros: Love the World

Woodville steps out with a first release, The Karoshi Bros' (Flash Atkins & Harley Stubbs) Love the World, that arrives circuitously “from China via Sweden, London, and the North-East of England.” The EP features four treatments of the title tune (three if one counts the original and extended mix as one): the original is a joyous and funky slice of electro-pop with a cartoonish vocal that sounds like it's delivered by a ten-year-old, a juvenile character in keeping with lyrics like “Coca-Cola is pop / Madonna is not / All music is hot / Now my head won't stop.” If the Karoshi Bros' original sounds a tad cheesy, the clubbier house version by Magik Johnson may strike your fancy a little more. The peak outing, however, comes courtesy of Flash Atkins who transforms the tune into a swinging soul raver and gooses its deep synths and rollicking beats with Latin percussion and guitar funk.

January 2008