Kid606 and Cex: Shotgun Wedding Vol. 3
Violent Turd

Couldn't make it to the last Kid606-Cex club date? Crank up the Victrola for this near-eighty minute onslaught of three 2004 DJ mixes and you'll almost feel like you're in DaBassment and Kidwell Manor slam-dancin' with the the Tigerbeat crew. Featuring bits and pieces from Black Flag, Cardigans, Daft Punk, Le Tigre, and Outkast among others, Kid606's opener “Up From DaBassment” pushes plunderphonica to the extreme with its helter-skelter breakcore-ragga party mix. Surprisingly, it remains relatively controlled throughout its first fourteen minutes but, with the incredibly stoked “Hey Ya” leading the charge, burns thereafter until Electric Company's “Little Chachalaca” brings it to a sweet close. Bolstered by a heavier acid dose, the Kid's thunderous “Gizm Collision” flails spasmodically from the get-go with Jay-Z, Aphex Twin, and 2 Live Crew along for the ride. Cex's “DJ No Evil BaltiMix 6000,” an irresistibly funky bootybass mix that writhes relentlessly for over half an hour, pays homage to the “Baltimore breaks” club music of his hometown, a rave-influenced “go-go” style that emphasizes infectious ragga breaks over techno synths and 808 beats.

November 2004