Kid606: Who Still Kill Sound?

Thank heavens for hell-raiser Kid606 who, bless his heart, continues to release shamelessly slamming music without a whiff of pretension in sight. The good times continue to roll on what's essentially part two of Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You with Depredo conjuring a non-stop monstrous wail of acid-drenched and gabba-mad noise. But don't let the assault blind you to the fact that the kid's skills are just as much on display here as ever before. Need proof? Start with “Yr Inside The Smallest Rave On Earth” which manages in seven minutes to mash up acid, jungle, jazz, Kraftwerk, and breakbeat into a single ferocious mix. Or perhaps the manic ragga jungle of “Slammin' Ragga Bootleg Track” or the insane “Rudestyleindiejunglistmassive” is more to your liking. “Ladies” features vocals from Sue Cie (of Gold Chains fame) in a funky rave-up that sounds like a wilder take on The Soft Pink Truth's “Make Up,” itself a cover of Prince's Vanity 6 song. Those with a jones for a more refined style of electronica are directed to “Cex Remix I Forgot To Finish” and “All I Wanted For Christmas Was My Braces Off” (apparently done when Depredo was seventeen) but these are fleeting chill-outs during this seventy-minute rave. Admittedly the kid does go a bit over-the-top at disc's end with the brain-addling “Ass Scratch Beaver” and “Wicked Megamix” but, in their defense, these blowouts do stay true to the recording's unhinged spirit. Who Still Kill Sound? is music guaranteed to send unwanted guests packing.

May 2004