Kill Memory Crash: "The O"
Ghostly International

Having generated considerable noise—literally and figuratively—with its acclaimed full-length debut American Automatic, Chicago's Kill Memory Crash keeps the storm raging with a two-track follow-up of remixes. Propelled by a pummeling bass ostinato, the group transforms its album track “The O” into a considerably more locomotive beast, with a demented mantra (“It's all the same”) puncturing the pulsating murk. On the B side, Miss Kittin associate The Hacker ushers in his death-knell “Doorway Nine” overhaul with distorted title utterances before restraining the tune's subterranean impulses with rubberized synth patterns and stomping electro beats. Like the album that preceded it, “The O” is tailor-made for those who like industrial strength techno dirty, sinister, and glitched-out.

December 2005