King Roc: Beautiful But Weird Pt. 2
Process Recordings

Martin Dawson's second installment in his King Roc remix series of “Beautiful But Weird” (the original featured on his debut collection Chapters) includes more than its fair share of memorable moments. Following fast on the heels of the first set (which boasts makeovers by Finland's Sasse, Swedish duo Alex Caytas and Aleks Patz, and Greece's Stel, plus Dawson's own deep-house revisit as Jericho Dub), the second set features a Clouded Vision remix and King Roc treatment, plus a Sasse instrumental dub of his earlier version and a radio edit.

The Clouded Vision version has a loping and wiry disco edge to it that may remind some listeners of Prins Thomas and his Full Pupp label. The treatment—largely instrumental but for the interlaced vocals that surface for the chorus—is both earthy (in its incorporation of congas) and futuristic (with banks of synthesizers giving the track a heavy electro flavour). Can't argue with Sasse's grooving instrumental mix either, which likewise straddles both realms in its steamy, bass-throbbing blend of hi-hats, skipping snares, and melancholy synth flourishes. As solid as they both are, the standout is King Roc's treatment, less for the jacking pulse (tasty all by itself) than for the front-line presence of Family Affair vocalist Barbara Alcindor who graces the track with a deliciously sexy vocal. The combination amounts to seven-and-a-half minutes of state-of-the-art deep house that's equally tight and blissful. Take away the superfluous radio edit—more dubbed-out trip-hop than techno per se—and you're still left with a twenty-one-minute EP containing three solid variations on the common source material.

November 2009