Kobol: Extempore
Static Discos

Extempore's sometimes elusive stylistic character can be attributed to its make-up, given that multi-instrumentalist Ignacio Nashio Chavez and drummer Argel ‘Arhkota' Cota split their second Kobol full-length between remixes and originals. Predictably, contrast is more evident in the remixes than in the originals which boldly weave acoustic, jazz, electronic, funk, and broken beat elements into sparkling instrumentals (Cota consistently showers the material with cymbals and chattering snare and tom patterns). Complementing those settings are vocal tracks that range from the entranced, Radiohead-styled singing in the remix of State Shirt's “Straw Men” to the more playful approach heard in the remix of Pepito's “The Dogs.” In addition, Emma Ejwertz imbues the breezy “Blue Like You” with warmth and Ximena Sariñana adds sensual growl to the Spanish-flavoured funk of “Valenciana.” Not surprisingly, Murcof's “Urano” is fundamentally funereal in spirit but Kobol humanizes its string-based dramatics with drum flourishes and acoustic guitar shadings. Perpetuating the album's contrasts, the remix of Kampion's “Dreamy Snapshot” mixes hip-hop and broken beat into atmospheric rumble, while “Paragon” resembles an electronica-jazz fusion jam featuring an uncredited Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays. Extempore's panoramic production style and lush arrangements invite comparisons to The Cinematic Orchestra, so much so one could easily picture a tour featuring the two outfits sharing a double-bill.

December 2007