Lali Puna: Micronomic
Morr Music

Short but definitely sweet follow-up to the group's third album Faking The Books. Up first is the single “Micronomic” whose rocking intro segues into a blurry shoegazing chorus that doesn't quite overwhelm Valerie Trebeljahr's siren-like vocal. The track is immediately encored with a “Micronomic (Boom Bip remix),” a largely instrumental version with squelchy breakbeats and rapidly-plucked acoustic guitars—a nice enough re-imagining but one that pales in comparison to the original. Of the remaining three songs, two are new and the other's another Faking The Books remix. “The Daily Match” adopts the Sprechgesang style the band excels in with Trebeljahr's deadpan voice set against a melancholy backdrop of harp plucks and a vaguely funky beat (that Markus Acher composed the music doesn't surprise as it's reminiscent of Neon Golden's similarly lush pop); the other new song, a brief instrumental coda titled “Harrison Reverse,” is the slighter of the two. Not yet mentioned, however, is “Alienation (Alias remix),” a stunning fusion of Brendon Whitney's propulsive rhythmic enhancements and Lali Puna's lyrical songcraft. As Trebeljahr sensuously coos and whispers, Alias brings the track to a feverish boil that climaxes with three cymbal smashes. It's irresistible moments like this that make Micronomic a worthy complement to Faking The Books.

October 2004