Lamont & 2tall: Senses Overloaded EP
Real Tablist

On Senses Overloaded, Belgium-based producer and Real Tablist manager Lamont and Needlework Records' 2tall (UK resident Jim Coles) apply their considerable turntable skills to seven sampledelic pieces. The two keep their ears wide open as they merge Eastern melodies, bone-rattling breaks, and scratches into soulful hip-hop tracks. The best cut, the irresistibly funky “Perpetual Patterns,” sprinkles tripped-out mysticism and a shaken'n'stirred vocal over bleepy boom-bap before the slippery slo-mo breaks of “Senses Overloaded” take charge (the tune re-appears as a 2tall remix that spotlights wicked scratching). In addition, the mellow “Winding Down” cruises cozily past the seashore, guided by crisp beats that swing with a jazz and funk flavour. Always a good sign when the release (available in digital format first and then on CD and vinyl) feels like it's over too soon!

January 2007