Lawrence: Spark
Ghostly International

On the gorgeous The Absence of Blight (Dial, 2003) and now the equally satisfying Spark, Lawrence imbues subtle microhouse rhythms with poignant, autumnal moods and demonstrates a masterful command of song construction. He typically builds tracks incrementally, with layer upon layer accreting until a piece becomes irresistibly hypnotic, yet the resultant sound is never oppressive when the individual components are so clean and minimal. Encapsulating all of his strengths, “Spark” merges an oscillating two-note motif, elegant piano melodies, swaying beats, and lithe bass lines into a blissful microhouse groove that's sweetened by bell tones pinging at the forefront and synth sparkles floating in the background. Lawrence proves himself a remarkable alchemist by transforming the minimal material into sublime musical moments.

October 2004