Le K: OK Daddy
Kvadrat Produkt

France-based Le K gets the A side all to himself on the latest three-tracker from San Francisco 's Kvadrat Produkt imprint. Machines appear to wrest control from hapless humans throughout the funky glitch-fest “OK Daddy.” A slap-back house groove pumps and whirrs joyously, stepping aside briefly to let a shuttle blast through the roof at the tune's middle and for a meandering thrum to become progressively more disoriented. Adjunct label owner and Orac regular [a]pendics.Shuffle (Ken Gibson) brings his customary cyborg toolkit to his grooving ‘Dirty Fingers' mix. Handclaps and a lurching bass anchor the cut, allowing Gibson to spread distorted voice fragments and machine noise all over his whimsical micro-funk overhaul. Entirely different in character, Sushitech's Yossi Amoyal and Franco Cangelli strip away the excess on their remix, laying bare the pumping groove shuffling its feet at the core. While Gibson's treatment calls Orac to mind, the duo's skeletal take pushes the song into a propulsive minimal zone more associated with Minus and Plus8.

July 2006