Lerosa: Seeker EP

Enclave's premiere release finds Lerosa weighing in with four nicely crafted jams in a Detroit-styled tech-house vein. The Dublin-based producer builds his tracks tastefully, often giving their solidly-anchored house foundations a jazzy, Latin-flavoured feel—think, perhaps, of Drexciya meeting Theo Parrish at the intersection of Carl Craig and Herbie Hancock Avenues. Congas and a thudding kick drum lend the moody slither of “Pussy” a distinctive edge, while “Furryhost” subtly blossoms into a soulful swing kissed by organ accents and dubby echo. Even sweeter is “One Year Friends,” where a pulsating stream of warm chords is constantly besieged by an arresting rhythm hiccup that's like a horse's gallop skipping in place. Nice!

August 2007