Nadja Lind and Paul Loraine: Making A Difference Remixed

Lucidflow's latest EP revisits the 2011 cut “Making A Difference,” the seductive spawn of Nadja Lind (co-owner of the Lucidflow imprint) and Paul Loraine (DJ-producer from Spain), and supplements it with choice re-rubs from Soma veterans Funk D'Void and Silicone Soul, plus Lind's Klartraum production partner (and fellow Lucidflow co-owner) Helmut Ebritsch.

The strong original works its jacking swing for six minutes with the ride rendered scenic via soulful vocal interjections and other subtle ear candy, and Lind and Loraine add to the entrancement by clipping spoken word fragments and twisting them into cryptic shape. What comes out the other end is a hypnotic tune with lodes of personality and dancefloor punch. No slouch in that department, Silicone Soul's “Hypnohouse Dub” digs into its own skeletal, hi-hats-driven groove and a trippy “focus” chant while retaining the ethereal chants that snake through the original. Ebritsch's mix snaps to attention with a sleek treatment that, helped along by silken electric piano shadings, builds gradually into an elegant epic charged with a sultry deep house vibe. But the set's funkiest treatment comes, not surprisingly, from Funk D'Void, as Outpost label honcho Lars Sandberg powerfully boosts the tune's swing quotient with steamy chords, buildups, and a mighty bass pulse. All four tracks have much to recommend them, but the expertly calibrated one by Funk D'Void stands out as especially satisfying.

February 2013