Line: A Snowstorm in a Globe/Observe the Mechanics

On his Uncharted Audio 7-inch debut, Nottingham-based Neil Wells distills elements of Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Drexciya, and Joy Division into two enticing examples of bubbly electro-pop. A subtle hint of paranoia haunts Wells's distorted murmurs on the A-side's “A Snowstorm in a Globe,” with the bright bleep of its electro theme offsetting the subliminal strain of gabba pulsating beneath the song's rapid skitter. The B-side's “Observe the Mechanics” is an equally sweet slice of strutting electropop with the distortion largely lifted from Wells' relaxed croon. Over too soon, the disc's a promising teaser for Tech Hits, the full-length scheduled to appear on Uncharted Audio later this year.

June 2006