Herrmutt Lobby: Bassfudge Powerscones
Eat Concrete

Herrmutt Lobby, composed of Kadah Vresky, Back & Forth, scratch composer DJ Swiffer, and “whoever else happens to drop by,” turns heads on Bassfudge Powerscones with a wicked, bass-heavy fusion of electro, crunk, future-funk, and hip-hop. All of the material is written and produced by the Brussels collective, with the exception of Shadow Huntaz' “Vampire Remix” (appearing here as a Herrmutt Lobby remix) which pairs Non Genetic's vocals with a lazy swing that's got more in common with jazz than hip-hop. Elsewhere, “Fat Manual” thunders with bleepy bass science and heavy boom-bap while “Lessevicesavielsalm” grinds like an overdriven set of squealing dental equipment. Hand claps fix the pulse in place during “Rock the Bell” while bell accents, turntable swizzles, and stutter-funk beats shake the tune's foundations loose. Though the EP is only twenty minutes long, it's still enough to give Herrmutt Lobby's massive sound a solid workout.

March 2009