Loko: In Love
Buzzin' Fly

Having attracted attention for his remixes of The Junkies' “Ritmo” and Saeed Younan's Analock” as well as his own “Scarlet House,” Argentinian producer Gonzalo Gonzalez (aka Loko) makes his Buzzin' Fly debut with a pair of steamy club tracks. The lead cut “In Love” kicks snappily into motion with a skeletal beat pattern and tight bass pulse leading the charge before percussion touches and a bright vocal hook deepen the track's funky house vibe. Things get slightly skankier after the breakdown until Loko rides the tune out on a controlled wave. “Pasionaria” percolates as delectably if a little less ferociously, with the BPM dialed down a notch or two. Gonzalez again boosts the material by adding a slick weave of yipping vocal snippets and battering its insistent house swing with percussive clangor. On the basis of these tracks, Loko's stripped-back sound nicely complements Buzzin' Fly's fresh aesthetic.

January 2010