Alejandro Lopez: Poligono De Frecuencias

Poligono De Frecuencias, the premiere release on the Sushitech sub-label Pariter, features three choice cuts by Alejandro Lopez of Gijon in Northern Spain. Lopez's love of Detroit techno and Chicago house shines through the subtly raving techno on display here. The ultra-cool “Poligono” nicely drapes vocal croaks, wiry synth stabs, and jittery snares over a pumping, hi-hat driven throb; it's not all fun and games, though, as Lopez works some seriously spacey chords into the mix too. Clickety pulses, burbling chords, and an insistent voice fragment work up a percolating broil in “Bigudi” while “Estaferia” injects a sweet dose of jazz swing into the techno-funk strut. Surprisingly, Lopez saves the best for last on this oh-so-smooth 12-inch.

November 2006