Lost Trax: Lost Trax EP

Epic two-track 12-inch from Lost Trax, with the unidentified author's name literally referencing the fact that both cuts were produced in the early-‘90s but, inexplicably, remained formally unreleased until now. The EP's acid techno is none the worse for wear though and, in fact, sounds wholly contemporary despite the old-school machinery involved. The majestic, 808-driven “The Saturiun System” cruises thunderously across the heavens, with sweeping strings deflecting off the shuttle's gleaming surfaces while urgent hi-hat rhythms incessantly chatter and bass lines throb. The flip's “Self Destruct Sequence” begins more languidly but soon accelerates to match the light-speed velocity of the other side. Above all else, it's hard to believe these breathlessly energized tracks are anything but fresh.

September 2006