Lowfish: Science Persuades Best

Much as he's done on past releases like 1000 Corrections Per Second (Suction Records), Lowfish (Gregory de Rocher) keeps the 'robot music' fire burning on his debut Satamile EP. Once again, his analog synth gear and temperamental drum machines evoke the ‘80s (the moniker alludes to his 'lo-fi' production aesthetic) but de Rocher updates the classic sound with a contemporary compositional sensibility. The Canadian producer's eye is slightly more focused on the dancefloor this time out, with pulsating electro patterns streaming and chiming synth melodies gloriously dancing over pumping, old-school beats in four fresh cuts. Heavenly Kraftwerk melodies and disco-funk rhythms collide in “Wahawa” while “8_0p” opens in “Heart of Glass” mode before promptly heading down a funk alleyway haunted by distorted voices and mournful themes. Lowfish isn't afraid to acknowledge his influences, either, as the “Trans-Europe Express” chug animating the funky “Cancel/Continue” makes clear.

June 2006