Luci: Veillèes Canadiennes

Montreal duo Guillaume Coutu Dumont (Egg) and David Fafard (Nanalog) check in with Veillèes Canadiennes, a four-track single of bright and poppy tech-house, under the Luci moniker. In the burning opening “Dwarfzilla,” clusters of synth sparkles rain down upon an energetically bumping groove, while the effervescent “Fantex” features a marvelously intricate weave of accents built from tiny whistles, female voice hiccups, and kalimba plucks. In the curiously-titled “Load ” * ”, 8, 1,” a light-hearted, whistling melody sings out over electro synth patterns, followed by Quiroga's (Walter Del Vecchio) even stronger interpretation which infuses the tune with subtle Latin and jazz seasoning and adds vocal cut-ups without sacrificing the song's grooving core. The high-spirited, even gleeful, character of Luci's electro-flavoured tracks goes down easily, especially when boosted by a tripped-out vibe and relentlessly swinging pulse.

April 2007