Luv Jam: Mind Music EP
Electric Sheep

In the accompanying press info, Andrew Cole's Luv Jam EP, Mind Music, is referred to as deep house, but depending on one's definition of the label, characterizing it as such could be misleading in this case. If one associates the label with soulful vocalizing and rave-ready exuberance, then Mind Music is anything but deep house. If the term is interpreted more literally to mean immersive and hypnotic electronic dance music, then the deep house term definitely applies (even if Mind Music is as much dub-techno as anything else). Here and in the other four tracks, Cole, a resident DJ at We Love in Ibiza, strips the material to its atmospheric essence, and not a sound is out of place. He's in no hurry, either, as he quite contentedly lets the tracks unfold in leisurely manner, resulting in a generously timed thirty-seven-minute EP.

Following an introduction of synthetic swirls and exhalations, “Alyn” settles into a languorous dance groove powered by a tasteful dub bass line and wrapped in sensual synth pads. With claps added to its quietly insistent pulse, “Bryan” exudes a bit more uptempo energy without compromising on Luv Jam's restrained and sophisticated style. “Keyth” bolsters its downtempo house pulse and funky sub-bass patterns with whooshes, wind-ups, and snares. “Mykel” opts for old-school meditation with analog synth melodies and krautrock drum machine beats, while “Just For You” ups the intensity by underlaying its synth surges with a driving 4/4 pulse and bass pattern. With Luv Jam generally keeping the lights down low, Mind Music would appear to be more naturally geared for the chill-out room than the dance floor proper.

February 2011