SomeoneElse/Ezekiel Honig: Macrofun Vol. 3
Microcosm Music

Two deep tracks of minimal techno-funk by Someone Else (Sean O'Neal aka Flowchart) and Microcosm head Ezekiel Honig make for a fabulous third installment in the Macrofun 10-inch series. Seeped in encrusted streams of snap, crackle, and pop, a robo-vocal croaks sporadically over clacking pulses in the suitably alien-sounding “Goink,” while confused crowd babble and insect chatter intermittently surfaces. Honig anchors “Transportation Application” with a softly squeaking shuffle accented by panning voice snippets and snare slaps. The tune moseys contentedly until a surreptitious crescendo of guitar fuzz rises, infusing the otherwise spacious ambiance with grimy haze, and then calmly exits with a brief reprise of the speech fragments. Macrofun Vol. 3 is another distinctive addition to the Microcosm catalogue.

August 2005