Manhunter: She Came Home

Judging by the three slamming tracks on this Muckamuck 12-inch, Manhunter (Takoma Park, MD-based Ari Goldman and Jason Letkiewicz) will likely sound right at home on Ghostly's upcoming Idol Tryouts Two compilation (specifically the three LP set). Like many of the Ann Arbor label's artists (e.g., James T. Cotton, Peter Grummich), Manhunter's 'intelligent body music' is both sonically innovative and irrepressibly physical. In the A-side's hammering “She Came Home,” lashing hand-claps stoke a pulsating storm until the piece explodes with deliriously warped fever at the two-minute mark. The flip's “Testarossa” and “This Means War” are fine too, chugging electro tracks goosed by the succinct mechano-bleat of chattering electronics. Though the duo's material is grounded in Electro, Detroit Techno, and House as opposed to Industrial, Manhunter's tracks unspool with a ferocity that's reminiscent of Kill Memory Crash.

January 2006