Adam Marshall: Chord Tracking

Vinyl-only 12-inch release on Kuji, a new sub-label of New Kanada, from Adam Marshall with a remix by compadre Mike Shannon on the flip side. Taking the blistering title track on a scenic twelve-minute ride, Marshall first grounds the cut with a jacking house pulse and then overlays it with a ceaselessly hyperactive burble of pounding piano stabs. The kick drum, so pronounced it feels like a kick in the gut, motors on without pause while the clangorous keyboard syncopations flirt with a deep house vibe. The slightly shorter Shannon version reins in the original in order to draw out its funkier house side; while the original's jacking pulse remains, the remix's groove is snappier and its burble more intense. But strong it is, it's no rival for Marshall's towering original.

June 2008