Martinez: Kppont / Pygmalion
Memoria Music Group

A fine two-tracker on the Dutch imprint Memoria from Scandinavian producer Martin Swanstein under the Martinez name; add in a “Beats Dub” version of the second cut and you've got twenty-five minutes of crisp, bass-powered techno. The opening throwdown “Kppont” is clearly fashioned for club play, given its twelve, hard-grooving minutes of motorik bass thump and machine-styled percussive clatter, but its panning percussive accents make the track a satisfying headphones listen, too, even if that's clearly not its primary purpose. It's driving, minimal-minded techno that's fleet of foot and carefree in spirit, plus a complementary lead-in to “Pygmalion,” whose tribal, high-energy pulse jacks with a razor-sharp swing that's rather house-flavoured. There's lots happening to keep the wallflower listening—breathy accents, hand percussion, and a prominently featured lead bass—while the sweat pours off those more bodily engaged. “Beats Dub” is, naturally, a bonus, but it's still a nice riff on the original, especially when it moves the original's percussion and swishing hi-hats to the forefront.

February 2013