Menu:Exit: Vool

Following upon the 2001 Profiles EP, the superb Vool finds Menu:Exit (Underscan founders Markward Wagner and Ralf Pytlik) deservedly joining the front ranks of a revitalized IDM wave. The incredible title track opens with a mournful see-sawing theme overlaid by scratchy funk beats but, just as you're settling in to the dreamy groove, the song flips inside out, reconfigured by a snapping, breakbeat-tinged rhythm; then, even more surprisingly, everything drops out, replaced by strummed flamenco guitars before the song's glistening sparkle returns. The EP also showcases crunchy funk in “Cherlisc” and skipping sway in the dramatic “Iyf” before “Linger” chills the mood ever-so-sweetly, providing a graceful and elegant exit. With Vool, Menu:Exit brings fresh energy and imagination to a genre once prematurely written off by some as thoroughly played out.

February 2005