mha: mha

mha (james.mha aka Florian Jamelot, guitarist in French band Fago.Sepia) alchemizes processed sounds of guitar, bass, glockenspiel, and field recordings into two delicately woven soundscapes on a twenty-one-minute, three-inch CD release (100 copies produced). Crystalline organ tones shimmer throughout the first piece, giving it a church-like air, followed by bright glockenspiel tinkling and flowing shudders of electric guitar, while the equally engrossing second is more tranquil. In the opening section, ambient tones slowly drift like ghosts through a deserted mansion until guitars and bass appear, first electrifying the sound and then bolstering dramatically its portentous symphonic ambiance until it resembles a late-twentieth classical setting of Ligeti-like character.

July 2007