Microthol: Microkosmos Remixed

In which four producers tackle their favourite cuts from Microkosmos, the 2006 Trust debut album by Vienna duo Philipp Haffner and Constantin Zeileissen (aka Microthol). Under Marco Passarani's watchful eye, “Acid Bosons” snaps sharply to attention and kicks into gear with a hot-wired, raving acid stomp that's sure to induce dance-floor delirium. Speakwave (aka Dynarec) scowls throughout the blustery electro fire of “Hydrogen Bonding” while the monotone mantra “Robots, robots, robots, robots…will stay alive” lends distinction to DJ Glow's snarling electro-tech mix of “Mechanical Empire.” Slightly less fresh is Italian producer Alexander Robotnick's (Maurizio Dami) take on “Midnight Moroder” whose pounding, high-velocity techno mix is soiled by purposefully (one presumes) cheesy vocals (“Disco…from the future!”). Nonetheless, Microkosmos Remixed provides a generally high-quality electro set courtesy of Vienna's Trust.

August 2007