Mimosa: Silver Lining
Muti Music

Mimosa is another in a recent line of future-thinking producers intent on wedding various strands of the experimental landscape into fresh hybrids. Elements of dubstep, electro-blaze, and hip-hop work their way into the West Coast producer's bruising, crunk-styled jams sprinkled with samples and found sounds and animated by heavy beat crunch and thick synth slabs.

Though the release is a mere half-hour in length, Silver Lining presents a level of invention and imagination that can't help but turn one's head. Hear, for example, how “Badlands” loudly squawks like some pissed-off dubstep tune when not shuffling its deck of buckshot beats and muted trumpet sample, and how “Pushing Little Daisies” digs into its own hammering synth wail while a voice sample commands “Six million ways to die… choose one.” Ignore the somewhat inexplicable foray into drum'n'bass (“Detour”) and instead focus on dynamic head-nodders like “Drippin'” and “Sideways.”

Mimosa recently has shared the stage with the likes of Benga, Skream, Bassnectar and Flying Lotus, so word about his particular brand of glitch-hop is clearly spreading, and Silver Lining provides solid evidence as to why it's doing so. Listeners drawn to the sounds Eskmo, Ikonika, and Zomby are unleashing on the public might do themselves a favour and check out Mimosa too.

November 2010