Minilogue: The Leopard EP

The Leopard EP is the second trippy 12-inch issued on Traum by Minilogue (Marcus Henriksson and Sebastian Mullaert from Sweden). The A-side's title track opens in foundsound mode with tiny clattering noises strewn about the floor but the nine-minute tune quickly picks up the pieces and morphs them into a smoothly pumping groove that by the two-minute mark has become a frothy steam. Acid burble then percolates over the streaming base, the lush tune growing ever more panoramic and dense as it builds to the first of its many mini-climaxes. The cut definitely jacks but does so with an understated sensuality and ease. On the flip side, “Seconds” also exploits the slow build-up approach. Starting with crackling vinyl noise skipping over a progressively escalating synth stream, a breakdown arrests the flow but then initiates a pulsating shimmy that itself intensifies until the track exits with an elegant chill. As finely-crafted and poised as it is, I wish Minilogue had loosened the reins to let the track become the full-blown raver it suggests it wants to be throughout.

July 2006