Miss Fitz: Vivacious EP
Freak n'Chic

A producer since 1999, Berlin-based producer and DJ Miss Fitz (aka Maayan Nidam) designs the three tracks comprising her first Freak n'Chic release for late night clubbing. “Moongina” gets things moving slowly with dubbed-out, subtly textured flow that grows progressively heavier and funkier with each passing moment; what starts out as a seeming close kin to Chain Reaction strays farther afield as soulful shout-outs and handclaps climb aboard. “Jeepers” escalates the pace to a peacock-proud strut and brings a slippery bass line along for the relaxed ride, followed by the relaxed swing and echo-drenched beat burble of “Every Week.” Credible stuff, for sure, though one wonders whether the self-effacing understatement of these tracks will bring Miss Fitz the attention she deserves.

November 2007