Ryo Miyashita & Hiiragi_: Liberating to the Shape of Nature
Nataural Anthemes

Tokyo-based artists Ryo Miyashita and Kazuki Mochizuki (aka Hiiragi_) appear to have designed Liberating To The Shape of Nature to function as a mixing tool for other DJs as well as potential source material for art installations and multimedia performances, but it also can be listened to as a five-track 12-inch of sample- and DSP-based character. Side A features three “Float” variations starting with a brightly swinging shuffle that sails through a tunnel of crackle and owl noises. That same owl-like theme chirps throughout “Float2” with the tune now dominated by a barrage of percussive clicks while “Float4” retains the jubilant spirit and pulse of its siblings but dramatically ups the noise and glitch ante—Autechre by way of Merck might be one way of describing it. The most memorable piece is side two's opener “Deco” which, notwithstanding some obsessive squirrelly chatter, is distinguished by a forcefully strutting mid-tempo techno pulse. Of entirely different character is the closer “Waichi” which writhes in seeming agony, ensuring that Liberating To The Shape of Nature will be heard as more of a curio than straight-up techno.

January 2007