Moldy (featuring Juakali): Glory

Earwax is the sister label to Pinch's Tectonic so you can be sure its inaugural 2008 release will be a good one, and Moldy's Glory (featuring Juakali) doesn't disappoint. Following a stadium-styled concert band flourish, New York denizen Moldy (Ennis Glendon) moves the tune into a snappy dub skank zone. The track then alternates between the lithe vocal acrobatics of Juakali (whose captivating contributions helped make Pinch's Underwater Dancehall one of last year's best releases) and instrumental passages that are given a funereal cast via the somber flow of church organ chords. The accompanying stripped-down instrumental version renders the bass wobble and off-beat guitar stabs more audible and, sans vocals, emphasizes the tune's brooding side even more.

March 2008