Mike Monday: Your Body
VVWI Recordings

From the ram's horn-adorned women on the cover to the tunes themselves—Mike Monday's original plus a steamy makeover by fellow DJ Tim Sheridan—, Your Body is, in contrast to the label name, very very right.

Monday's site tells us he's been “producing and performing house, techno, and electronic music since 1994,” and the ample skills the UK producer's refined over the years get a nice workout in the EP's title cut. Like a slow-motion greyhound, the track bolts from the gate with a bumping thrust, gathering steam as it meets the first synth-inflamed breakdown and paving the way for the tune's epic theme to take the stage. Thereafter, a fiery synth pattern and squiggly voice effects burn up the tarmac—briefly stepping aside for the starlit theme and accompanying vocal to re-appear–while the happy-go-lucky shuffling rhythm skips and swings alongside—an incredible six-minute ride packed with scenic detail.

Given that his version unspools over a nearly ten-minute running time, Sheridan isn't in as much of a hurry in his remix treatment. He initially gives his attention to the song's silky side by polishing its astral synth theme, then digs into its funky pulse before returning ever more devotedly to the splendorous theme. From that point on, Sheridan unites the tune's two sides and what comes out the other side is a forcefully danceable and rapturous experience that one could christen ‘symphonic' without overstating the case (for those who like their servings smaller, the EP also includes a blazing three-minute radio edit).

May 2010