Morning Factory: New Memories

Morning Factory's second Yore EP pretty much picks up where its first, Forgotten Moments, left off earlier this year. Once again we've got a hard-grooving four-tracker from Netherlands duo Jean-Pierre van der Leeuw and Jozef Lemmens (aka Loves Got Me High and Enzovoort) that's a match for anything else in the Yore discography. Opener “Maiden Voyage” is classic Morning Factory, an ever-so-tight house jam that twists and turns beatifically for eight rapturous minutes. A parade of glorious sounds and euphoric build-ups, the track's filled with syncopated drum breaks, chunky chords, and synthetic strings, with all of it powered by an effervescent groove and even a dash of acid. Darker undercurrents run through “Last March of the Ants” when church organ chords stretch themselves across a windswept, broken beat shuffle. Despite the gothic atmsopherics, the tune's house boogie still goes deep when a jazzy vibe subtly creeps in and the stepping groove grows in forcefulness. Creamy organ sounds also course through “Radioshow,” which takes a nostalgic glance backward (“those days are gone now…”) to a golden age where something like “Green Onions” had a chance of getting played on the radio. A saxophone licks at the tune's flames as its driving funk pulse kicks into gear, but the EP's most body-shaking cut arrives last in the form of “Cherish,” a charging tech-house hellraiser animated by broiling bass lines and shotgun claps and sweetened with Rhodes kisses. If there's one word that characterizes Morning Factory's material it's intoxicating.

October 2010