James Mowbray & Leiam Sullivan: Tropical Heights

On this third release for Four:Twenty, James Mowbray and Leiam Sullivan plunge the listener into a deep techno-house jungle with three “Tropical Heights” variations. The hypnotic track carves a stomping path through dense undergrowth for a club-perfect eleven minutes, with the calming voice of Russian Peter Yadrov acting as tour guide. The just-right tempo—neither too fast nor too slow—and minimal bass chug make a perfect complement to the vivid ostinatos that incessantly swirl throughout the trip.

Though Mowbray and Sullivan are responsible for the accompanying mixes, the even clubbier ‘Ink & Needle cut edit' mix could pass for an Audion treatment, its throbbing ebb and flow is so potent and its character so dark and psychotropic. Suggesting that the explorers accidentally discovered a shuttle platform hidden at the jungle's center, the ‘Ink & Needle remix' lifts off into the stratosphere with an equally dizzying treatment.

October 2007