Mufo: Colors

Wang Inc.: Meditations for a Better World Volume 2

Persistencebit inaugurates 2009 with a two-track single by Mufo (Andrea Di Francesco, born in Vasto, Italy and musically educated in Bologna) and a five-track EP from Wang Inc. (Bartolomeo Sailer, also of Italy). Mufo garnered attention a few years ago with his C.L.A.U.D.I.A. 12-inch for Kompakt's K2 imprint, and sounds set to do so again with Colors. Anything but monochromatic, “One Color” opens with stripped-down, tech-house swing before adding shuffling pulses and melodic accents that are both jittery and robotic. Working itself up to a skittish, metronomic broil, the track exudes an android relentlessness that's offset by repeated change-ups. On the B-side, Di Francesco brings the funk on “Two Colors,” six minutes of swizzling electro-techno whose palette is anything but muted. The tune squawks and sputters like some incessantly sneezing synthesizer apparatus in what could pass for a fractured 23rd-century techno take on zydeco.

Sailer previously issued Wang Inc. music on Sonig, BiP_HOp, and Context, and now re- appears on Persistencebit with number two in the Meditations for a Better World series. That he released material on Context makes a lot of sense, given how close in spirit Wang Inc.'s fresh fusion of experimental treatments and funk-house grooves is to Sutekh's. Throughout the EP, Sailer speckles his fabulous metal machine music with rolling bass lines, high-stepping beats, and brilliant splashes of synthetic colour, whether it's the pounding stepper “Mind The Gap” or the pulsating future-funk of “You Are Late.” A near-perfect fusion of experimental and dance musics, “Hyperactive Dog” splatters its house-inflected steam-roller with showers of whirr and click, and animates it with snares that hit so hard they could chop your head off. Sailer keeps things from getting too serious with the irreverent closer “This Is The Song To Say Goodbye” where his slowed drawl of the title is beseiged by all manner of electronic noise and beat madness.

February 2009